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You will lose it sometimes. And that’s ok. You won’t be the first or last mother to say, “I can’t do this…”

My daughter’s name is Eden (like the garden and Hebrew for “the delight of God”) Sena (“destiny given”) Kokui (which means “first born daughter”) and Segbefia (which means “humble”). Eden Sena Kokui Segbefia. I was in graduate school in folklore when I met Eden’s father. A professor of mine had gotten a Fulbright to do […]

If I had known everything that was going to happen, my life may have been very different, but the best thing that happened was that I was so busy working and being a mom and kind of just living in life’s moments that there wasn’t time to panic.

I had worked in childcare since I was 12 so I knew I wanted kids. I also knew that I couldn’t have children myself because of a health issue. On my mom’s side of the family, my great grandmother had my grandmother when she was 25. My grandmother had my mom when she was 25. […]

The other morning I was thinking to myself I have literally lived half my life in fear. I think that that’s what you open yourself up to when you have children. You never really sleep that well again.

My son was not a planned pregnancy. I was 24 and a recent college graduate when I discovered, after a very short relationship, that I was pregnant. It never entered my mind not to have him. He was very, very, very wanted, from the beginning. From the very first moment, I knew I was in […]

Sometimes when we hear about women who are in abusive marriages, we think, “Why the hell did she stay with him?” My own experiences have taught me that we just can’t judge that.

I am 42 and I have a daughter, who is nine and a son, who is six. Both of my pregnancies were planned and intentional. I really wanted to have children. How did adding children affect my marriage? That is a difficult question because my ex-husband was abusive. He was verbally and emotionally abusive and […]

I was 15 when I got pregnant. I knew the consequences, but I mean halfway knew the consequences.

My name is Elizabeth. I’m 29. My oldest child is Kendra Pedro and she’s 13. My second child is Evandi. She’s 9. My baby is Daisy Villafranco. She is 7. I’m from Mexico. I was 12 years old when I came here. Before I had children, I was in high school. My parents had two […]